Payroll is an area of compliance for our clients which has become increasingly burdensome with increased regulations. Many of our clients use our payroll service in order to remove this time consuming and costly task from their own workload.

The increasing complexity of legislation and regulations are handled by our experienced department providing you with a comprehensive payroll service which includes:

  • Processing of payroll at regular intervals to suit your business Automatic transmission of your payroll data to satisfy Real Time Information requirements
  • Production of payroll reports and delivery of employee payslips, both via our secure online portals
  • Making salary payments direct to your employees where required
  • Dealing with SMP, SPP, SSP, and SAP matters
  • Assisting with CIS claims
  • Advising on related matters such as redundancy, national minimum wage and holiday pay
  • Assistance with HMRC compliance inspection visits Production and filing of P11D forms


Direct Payments to your Employees

Our payroll department can provide a payment service whereby we make the salaries net payments directly to your employees' bank accounts. This service alleviates the responsibility of making the correct payments to your employees and also can save a considerable amount of processing time. In order to enable us to provide this service we would need cleared funds to be received from you before we make the payments to your employees.


Auto Enrolment

Auto enrolment has been the biggest change to pension arrangements in the UK for decades and affects every business that has employees.

The legislation has brought a greater level of administration and responsibility to employers, and between our payroll department and Simpson Wood (Financial Services) Limited we can help minimise and ease the burden on your business.

These services include:

  • Setting up the pension scheme and advising on the most appropriate option for your business
  • Identification of staging date
  • Assessment of workforce and ongoing monitoring of movements between categories
  • Processing the necessary employee and employer contributions
  • Production of periodic reports for your pension scheme provider
  • Advising on amounts payable to your pension scheme
  • Providing all necessary communications with your employees as required by the regulations
  • Ensuring compliance with the regulations and minimising the risk of penalties being enforced
  • Retention of your records for the prescribed six year period
  • Re-enrolment after the prescribed three year period


HR Services

HR issues are an inevitability when you employ staff, whether it is difficulties with employees or ensuring compliance with the complexities of Employment Law. Dealing with these issues internally will have an element of risk and requires a level of both expertise and experience.

We offer a bespoke, flexible service that is tailored to your requirements whereby you can seek advice on any employee related issue, even the most routine.

The practical, straight-talking advice given will be relevant to both your situation and your business in a professional and cost-effective manner meaning that you remain compliant with the regulations and without having to maintain your own internal HR function.

Is your business compliant in issuing written Contracts of Employment within two calendar months of an employee starting work? Are your Contracts of Employment up to date? Do you have relevant policies and procedures in place? This is a time consuming and complicated part of employing staff where we can assist in lightening your workload.

We can also offer support with more complex matters such as:

  • Performance Management
  • Investigations
  • Consultations
  • Grievances/Disciplinaries
  • Redundancy Guidance
  • TUPE


We are not employment lawyers but we do have an experienced HR qualified member of staff available assist you when you require. Where we believe matters are more complex and need the input of an employment lawyer then we can support and liaise where required.

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